ALOKE STEELS INDUSTRIES PRIVATE LIMITED (ASIPL) is engaged in production of Steel & Steel product is committed towards clean and sustainable environment. The mission of ASIPL is to produce Steel & Steel product in an environment friendly manner and is strive to :

  • Integrate sound environmental management practices in all the activities.
  • Conduct the operations in environmentally responsible manner to minimize pollution and its’ impact on environment.
  • Comply with applicable legal and other requirements related to environmental aspects of the operations and strive to go beyond. The environmental management cell will be headed by EHS Manager, a well qualified and experienced environment engineer.
  • ASIPL shall ensure that deviations from this policy and cases of violations/non-compliances of Environment or Forest Laws, if any, shall be reported to the Board of Directors through EHS Manager in defined hierarchical system and shall identify designate responsible person for ensuring compliance with the Environmental Laws and Regulations.
  • Conserve energy, and other natural resources, minimize waste generation and promote recovery, recycle and reuse.
  • Increase greenery in and around the plant.
  • Ensure continual improvement in environmental performance by setting & reviewing objectives & targets.
  • Encourage environmental awareness amongst employees working for and on behalf of ASIPL and the general populace around the plant.

Hierarchical systems : Environmental issues and for ensuring compliance

Company EHS cell is responsible for the compliance of the environmental conditions. The Environmental Manager will functionally report to Director (Operation), and the environmental matters are placed to the Board of Directors through Director (Operation).